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Around 1995, I thought it was a summer in my family's home near the sea, because they were on vacation. I was only 21, so this was a great opportunity for many tourists who come to homes of their neighbors and then called me near the sea. Now things have always been very boring to me than anyone realized only in the apartment next door arrived, everything was what I ovguide had heard the voices of women and the lights went to the bathroom, where are the i in front of the window of my bathroom in the wave passes laways thses lef basically open, as its so hot in them. so I started watching to see what he could see Mrs. fist comes in the strip of her dress and begins to urinate I can not see how stupid a curtain of blood on the road and how I can make her figure, she is ovguide sees about 45 ish and then 4 or 5 minutes later, another figure appears a lady of the same age, they can take this time and see the outlines of all clear how the wind has pushed aside curatin. Now, things are quite quite for the first few days I have always naked around the house on foot, ovguide as no one can see, except for the windows facing onto the shaft, gave me the perfect opportunity to appear when wanted to see these women have. In the few days I was going too see one in the bathroom and the other changes in a ovguide room that interrupted the models or anything, but the beautiful woman and a very nice pair of tits to go with them to change. that 's interesting, I was always in the parking boot cart EXIT ladies next door and the car up there at the same time, we exchanged greetings and commenting that I live right next door? I say yes, and they say they know in a way that my aunt, because she comes every year, even with uslually husbands, but ovguide this year only they, the men were on a golf trip or something. Well, they are offered help when shopping, and they said it would be good for what happened. I have an apartment in whichd put things underneath them and chattin about all sorts of things, and I said, if you only have to touch something, and said that this looked like one of them is well, we can easily shout of the wave, see the house of the year or not, somehow, that's where I looked, blushing and felt very uncomfortable, because he always naked at home and I have seen. So when I came in very good and I was imagining that peeking out of me, so WNET in the bathroom and made ​​sure that the curtains were open and wind, but just not eough to see suspicious, I have the most rigid stop and began to shake and to see into the other room, looking for someone and see if there is one in the other room, which looks directly into the toilet and she is wearing only her bikini, so I go back and continue to masturbate, I get into the other room and the other women there with her and seem to whisper something in the bathroom and shows, so go back and strawa little more juice and clean the sink and go and see if still there, and yes, it is both difficult to see in search of what I wanted to do next. Now, ovguide the next day I was in the bathroom and I hear someone call me so I got my towel and covered myself and opened the window completely and behold, it is one of the women with a towel around her that says hello and asks if I ovguide could pop over and check the gas throughout the year, which again does not work for them and I am sure and disease states in round 5, then ovguide left the window open and removed the towel with a full view of her body, ovguide her breasts were sagging a bit big, but big nipples and Bush in his eyes, I was just masturbating right there, but thought better of it, thus contributing to a pair of shorts without Footy in ( as you know it does not hide, put some knocking) and indicates the door and opens another woman for me is that it can be in her bikini and says that the gas plant, I see so and back and start Fiddling with him and was loose in the installation, I made ​​sure my cock was sticking out the bottom of the pants while I was busy and having a good look at me. seemed not to mind when I realized that her nipples were rock hard and are looking for in my region of the tail over my face. I got up and was half- hard at the moment and tried to cover in the meantime, ovguide while walking through the house of another lady out of the bathroom completely naked and say, oh I did not know how fast they were or make no effort here for cover, now I'm a big stiffy, she does not worry that I'm sure you've seen a naked woman, who could not even speak and she leaves the room, says the other lady also always walk naked in the apartment do not worry. now bright red in this piont says something to eat with us? I say yes, and about 5 minutes later he sat with two ladies bikini with big tits are on the table. We eat and then ovguide to bed and chit chata bit and then talk about anything, where there is a bit rude sometimes, I wonder if a stutter, etc, etc and therefore girlfriend in secret ( I almost died at this time) to them in the bathroom and say that feel and say what is right, they do not oggling a 21 year old with 2 48 year old mind, it's strange, even bothers me that we find them, I say that I find very sexy older women , and both smile and thank me. They profess to see for myself and a very good masturbation penis bigger, there are men, the inconvenient truth (all that macho crap -2 fucking women if they ovguide face year with their own excrement ). in now what is best for my hard and says oh no secret that I like to see the other lady says to the other you are bad and I say, but their marriage, she immediately says no concern that we had to go (I'm a little confused at this point), just a little fun, now my pants are off and I have sex with a 48- year-old SUCKIEng lama is outside me and one other, ovguide kissing me, begin to remove bikinis they both have huge tits and has a bush and the other is smooth as silk, fingering suck, it was the first time I was ass licking and saw a stream of women, I cum about 4 times in ovguide the ovguide space of one hour was also the first time he saw two women kissing and playing together was the best summer I ever had. Never fucked up, though came close a few times, but it was a hell of a week, I've seen 6 or 7 years, but still masturbate thinking about it sometimes.
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